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Whats the difference between a Nordmann and Fraser?

Both are beautiful non-drop tree varieties.

The Nordmann Fir is the original non-drop Christmas Tree. It has a beautiful green bushy appearance and a lovely fresh festive scent. The Nordmann tree shape is broader at the bottom and is the more traditional British Christmas Tree shape.

The Fraser Fir is more conical in shape and less dense. Therefore can be better for narrow spaces. It is a recent introduction to the market, also a non-drop variety. This tree type features a dark green silvery blue and feathery needles with a delicious pine fragrance. 

Are our trees Organic?

Its actually not possible to get Organic certification on Christmas Trees. However we follow Organic farming practices in the growing of our trees. We do not use pesticides, weedkillers or any other toxic substances throughout the growing and harvesting. The weeds are kept back using a biodegradeable mulch and sometimes a strimmer. The conditions for growing Christmas Trees are ideal on our farm, due to the relatively high altitude and the natural Ph value of the soil. As a natural product our trees look natural. 

Christmas Tree Netting

We use the BioXnet Oxo-Biodegradable LZ Christmas Tree Netting. This is biodegradeable meaning that if oxo-biodegradable plastic escapes collection and ends up in the open environment as litter, it will degrade and biodegrade so no microplastics are left behind. 

How do I place an order?

​Choose your tree, select your delivery date and add to basket.

If your delivery covers the London boroughs of Camden, Islington, Hackney or Haringey only

Payment and Shipping

Please note, we only deliver to North London and within the A406 North Circular. Any orders outside our delivery zone will be cancelled and refunded. 

Shipping is included, but you need to select your delivery day when you purchase. 48hours before delivery, we will assign you a morning or afternoon delivery slot. We will endeavour to accommodate any adjustments to delivery time requested. Failing this, if you are not in at time of delivery we will leave the tree at your door, hidden if we can. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Payment is with the WIX payment secure checkout, cart on this website.

Returns & Refunds

Christmas trees are a natural product and do vary in shape. We take care to choose good, well proportioned trees. We understand that the right Christmas Tree is an important part of Christmas celebrations.  Therefore if the tree we deliver does not meet your expectations, please send a picture and a description and we will consider refunds on a case by case basis. As we are a new buisness feedback like this will also help us  market our trees in the right way and find ways to improve our trees while maintaining our unique ethos. 


Disposing your tree

The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your tree is to find a way to get the carbon in your tree, permanently "sink" it into the ground, and not into the atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we suggest cutting it into small pieces and composting it. This is what your local authority should be doing with the trees they collect. 

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